Two Tone Man

Two Tone Man

Written by Jez Hunt

The Accidental Artist | Painting

12th August 2021

Today’s painting is a study in tones using just 2 colours and a pen.

It’s interesting how your perspective changes when you only have limited resources to work.

Pay more attention to the lighting, to the shade, to the textures, and you find workarounds to create an image that works.

With the two hour time-limit of the class from clean paper to finished painting, you don’t have time to worry about what you can’t do… you only focus on what you can and get on with it.

Often it’s like this in life and win business…

We allow things to ‘take as long as they take’…

We spend time looking for the next quick fix – the next shiny thing – rather than working with what we have…

We avoid getting started because we are uncertain of what to do first…

Sometimes the best thing to do is just start.

Yes, having an idea of the end outcome you want is important (it’s not about freewheeling), but you don’t have to be CERTAIN of a specific outcome to get moving.

Most of our lives, especially when you become a parent, we have to think on our feet and work with what we have in the moment, and I get there is comfort in familiarity.

But look at what we can achieve with limited resources if we have a “can-do” attitude and trust that things will turn out okay.

Most things in life which put us outside our comfort zone aren’t life-threatening, it’s just something we aren’t familiar with or don’t have experience of.

One of the key lessons I’m taking from my painting lessons so far is that we can achieve far more with limited resources, and can be way more creative than we think we can when we let go of the outcome and trust in ourselves.

What have you been avoiding because you don’t feel you have the right resources, or you are avoiding getting started on?

Trust. Give it a go. Amazing things will happen.

With love ❤️

Painting Details:

This painting was exploring tones and working with a limited palette of colours and then working in loose detail with pen.

Medium: Acrylic and ink on 300gsm Aquafine Smooth Watercolour board
Width: 29.7 cm
Height: 42 cm

This item is:

For Sale

IMPORTANT: All paintings are one-off, signed originals, by me, Jez Hunt. They are sold ‘as is’, unframed on the full-sized original stock and are non-refundable (please see our Terms of service). Art is subjective. Please make sure you are drawn to any painting before you buy.

Copyright of any reference materials used to create the paintings remains with the original author(s). All Rights Reserved.

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