Poppies - SOLD

Written by Jez Hunt

The Accidental Artist | Painting | SOLD

1st July 2021

Ooooooh so MASSIVE resistance to putting this one up 😱

Sometimes things don’t go as we expect them to, our expectations of the outcome outweighing what we achieve.

In everything, there is a lesson. I could have chosen not to post this painting, but it is also a part of my painting journey.

In life, we can seem to take massive steps forwards and then seem to hit a setback.

Is it actually something externally stopping us? More often than not the answer is no… it is self-sabotage.

Maybe we believe that positive progress can’t be that simple, or maybe we have a fear of being successful, or maybe we just doubt our own ability.

When you view your life as a series of paintings, it really hits home how individual we are and how our view of the world is subjective, influenced by our values, beliefs and experiences.

Is this a good painting of poppies?

If I compare it to the Hare I posted last week, then in my mind, no… but I’m comparing apples to oranges. The techniques are different. The subjects are different. The approach was different. It has its own beauty that will appeal to some people and not to others.

But there’s the thing. It has its own beauty… like my view and your view and someone else’s view.

ALL views have equal value, they’re just different opinions and don’t let people tell you otherwise.

Be you ❤️

Painting Details:

Poppies is another heavy texture approach using a combination of palette knife and brushwork. The vibrancy of the poppies against the muted background makes the poppies ‘pop’!

Medium: Acrylic on 300gsm Aquafine Smooth Watercolour board
Width: 42 cm
Height: 29.7 cm

This item is:


IMPORTANT: All paintings are one-off, signed originals, by me, Jez Hunt. They are sold ‘as is’, unframed on the full-sized original stock and are non-refundable (please see our Terms of service). Art is subjective. Please make sure you are drawn to any painting before you buy.

Copyright of any reference materials used to create the paintings remains with the original author(s). All Rights Reserved.

Raising For Charity

In August 2020, my best friend was diagnosed as having Myeloma, a cancer that affects the bone marrow.

While there is a lot of awareness and publicity over other forms of cancer, there is not so much known about this one.

There are various treatments currently offered, but as yet, there is no cure.

Any money raised from the sale of my paintings or donated using the button below will be given to Myeloma UK towards funding research to find a cure.


Current Target: £1,500

Amount raised to date:


(and to those of you who have purchased one of my paintings or made a donation, a very special thank you!)

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