Just Take The Next Step

Just Take The Next Step

Written by Jez Hunt

Mindset Matters

12th June 2020

This global situation has brought up lots of issues for many people. The pressures and intensity of not seeing loved ones, of seeing loved ones too much, of not being able to work, or having to work when others don’t, are only a few examples.

Generally through life there are many ‘challenges’ which can hamper us and hold us back… limiting beliefs, self-sabotage and other avoidance techniques we adopt.

Yet actually there is one simple technique which will help us move forwards wherever we are, whatever we doing…

… and that is knowing the next step to take.

Often, when something isn’t going right, we can get stuck too much in our heads around what the issue is, and trying to fully solve the problem, to find the full solution, even talking ourselves into believing that we can’t move forwards until we have the whole answer.

So we fall into the trap of “inaction“.

In my experience, the “secret“ to overcoming any problem that we face is learning to (and trusting in) taking “the next step.“

You don’t need to try and work out the whole answer, all you need to know is where you currently are, and where you want to get to (the outcome you’d like to achieve).

Then, tune into your intuition, trust what you “feel“ to be that one small step you can take which will move you towards the outcome. Once you learn how to do this and trust yourself that you know the answer already, it then becomes simply a process of “rinse and repeat”… just keep asking yourself “What’s the next step?”, “And now, what’s the next step?”, “And now, what’s the next step?”

In some situations which arise, the outcome you want might not be an option, because it’s something out of your direct control.

In these situations though, the process is exactly the same. You can either choose an outcome which you can control, or you can even just trust that by taking the next step you will move towards the outcome that is actually right for you.

If you’re feeling stuck in an area of your life or business, what is your next step going to be?

I work with clients to connect them with their heart, to be more instinctive and intuitive with their thought processes and decision-making. If this is something you are struggling with, get in touch, I’m listening 💜

Featured Photo by Jez Hunt 

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