Follow Your Heart Not Your Head

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4th June 2020

I had a coaching call with one of my coaches this morning, and whilst I teach self-improvement as part of the development process with my clients, I also believe in walking my talk.

During our session today, we were talking about vision and goals and specifically where I had come from, to where I am now over the past few years, and my focus moving forwards.

I was reminded that some of the biggest breakthroughs we have in terms of personal growth, can come immediately after times of significant pain and hardship.

It is when we follow our heart, regardless of our head and the negative chatter we might be receiving, that we finally become free.

Sometimes, when you follow your heart it feels right and it can feel uncomfortable. Just because it’s right doesn’t mean we won’t be pushed out of our comfort zones.

It is during these “leap of faith” moments – when we follow our heart because we know it’s right, however uncomfortable that makes us feel – which allows us to have the biggest breakthroughs.

If I had listened to my head instead of my heart on some of the occasions that I did, I would probably still be in the place of pain and unhappiness I had been living in for many years.

When we realise we have to take responsible for ourselves, and when we choose to be vulnerable and do so, most often the right people are there to support us, even though we might not see it at the time.

And when we do, when we know it’s true and as it feels right, however uncomfortable we might feel, we truly step into our own power and show the universe that we are ready. And that’s when the magic really happens.

I know I’m still on my journey of growth, self development, challenges and breakthroughs. I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t chosen to follow my heart at certain points, regardless of what my head was telling me. I’m so glad I did, and the best is yet to come!

What challenges are you facing right now, which you know in your heart are right, but the negative chatter in your head is holding you back?

Take that leap of faith, follow your heart, and believe that the universe has bigger plans in mind for you than you can possibly imagine.

Featured Photo by Jez Hunt

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