Curious Chimp

Curious Chimp

Written by Jez Hunt

The Accidental Artist | Painting | SOLD

7th October 2021

In today’s painting, we are back to greys and tones using mixed media – charcoal over acrylic.

I still find it amazing to create an image using limited resources, and yet still have a profound effect on the final painting.

But then you don’t need to use a full pallet of colours for every painting. You also don’t necessarily have all the colours anyway.

And such is life…

We don’t necessarily think or feel we have the full resources we need to deal with any particular situation in life, yet, we actually do.

We can’t change what happens to us, what happens around us, or anything which is caused by an “outside influence”. What we can do is control how we react or respond to those events, those situations, those things around us and how we going to respond to that.

Doing this painting of a chimp, I had very limited resources to work with and yet the final result is clearly a chimp.

My attitude was that I can do this using a limited pallet, with what I had at the time.

Your attitude with life should be the same… We have what we need to deal with what is thrown at us if only we trust that we have the minimum of materials we need to deal with it (which we do!)

So many people give up before they start. So many people focus on the “I can’t…” rather than the “how can I?”

I was reminded of a saying at a meeting yesterday, “where the focus goes, the energy flows”.

If you really want one simple formula to make significant changes in your life without adding any more resources than you already have, without costing you any money, without being overcomplicated, then it’s this…

Focus on asking yourself “How can I…?”

Will it work for you every time? Probably not to begin with. I thinking patterns are a habit, so we need to create a new habit. Stay with this and you will find in a very short space of time that more and more things are becoming easier for you.

And if you’re struggling and this post resonates with you, DM me.

With love xx

#acrylicpainting #lifejourney #continuousimprovement #stayfocused #accidentalartist

Painting Details:

This week was using an intentially limited palette and overlaying charcoal to create some of the finer detail.

Medium: Acrylic on 300gsm Aquafine Smooth Watercolour board
Width: 42 cm
Height: 29.7 cm

This item is:


IMPORTANT: All paintings are one-off, signed originals, by me, Jez Hunt. They are sold ‘as is’, unframed on the full-sized original stock and are non-refundable (please see our Terms of service). Art is subjective. Please make sure you are drawn to any painting before you buy.

Copyright of any reference materials used to create the paintings remains with the original author(s). All Rights Reserved.

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