Success Stories

Tailored And Targeted Approach

“Jez has been working with me to grow my Personal and Professional Development Coaching business. He is honest, straight-talking and has been extremely good at listening and understanding the nature of my business.

He is very experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of marketing and strategies and ideas which are likely to be most successful for my particular business. He has helped me feel much more in control of all aspects of my business and identify the direction I want to be moving in.

As a result he’s helped me identify my ideal client and created tailored approaches for me to target them. I would highly recommend him.”

Sarah Veall – Sarah V Coaching – UK

Makes You Really Think

“The advert I was running was not bringing in the new business I would have liked, and I asked Jez to revamp my advert. I like the interesting ideas he had during our initial meeting.

One of the most interesting aspects of the process that Jez takes you through is to make you really think about what makes your business different from your competitors, and to look at the buying criteria of your “ideal customers” – which then becomes the focus of the advert.

This whole experience has been well worth it…

Each time I run the ad I average £1K* in new business. With a cost of £150 for each placement, that’s £6.67* back for every £1 spent!

Not only does the advert appeal to my ideal client, it has massively cut down the number of “unqualified” people contacting me, which has also saved me a huge amount of otherwise wasted time.

If you are looking to have effective adverts or other marketing material, I would strongly recommend you speak to Jez!”

Stephanie Finkleman, Interiors By Clara – UK

*Specific results not guaranteed.

Some Fantastic Advice And Ideas

“It was obvious from the start that Jez had put a lot of preparation into the meeting. We spent over two hours talking about my business and how I could find new advertisers and increase the visibility of my magazine. Jez really seems to have a great handle on marketing but, rather than just giving me a lot of generic tips, he has taken the time to really understand my specific business and tailored his ideas to work for me.

I’ve come away from the Health-Check with at least half a dozen ideas that I will be putting into practice as soon as I can, including one that is so quirky and original that I’ll be working on it later today. Jez offered me some fantastic advice and ideas – I can’t wait until I’m working with him on my business in the future!”

Alison Neale – Oxfordshire – UK


Practical Ideas You CAN Implement

On ‘Surviving A Rough Economy‘…

“The book was an excellent read! It was short and very precise. I got exact information in 48 pages, not the same material bloated out to 350 pages as in other books I have seen.

It is clear that Jez knows his trade very well and can say it in terms that are easily understandable and even more importantly – achievable.

If you have even the slightest concern about business conditions today you need to read this book. I highly recommend it, especially for the non-readers amongst us in business! It gives you loads of practical ideas you actually CAN implement, rather than the ‘dream world solutions’ so prevalent in today’s business advice market.

I especially liked the sequence of the advice, it was in logical steps that can be implemented quickly. Jez is Oxfordshire’s answer to Chris Cardell!”

Phil Fetzer – Managing Director – UK


Advice That Really Works

On ‘Surviving A Rough Economy‘…

“What an excellent pocket-sized guide to the practical aspects of business growth (or survival). No waffle, cleanly organised, briskly written with the busy executive in mind, it’s mercifully free of the tedious pontificating you so often get in these self-help manuals. And the advice given, exactly those proven truths that really work. 40 pages that are well worth the time.”

David Burn – Marketing and Research Projects – UK


Straightforward And Practical Advice

Surviving A Rough Economy‘… is a straightforward, practical guide, which I am sure will resonate with anyone involved in business or advising businesses. We should all carry this around as a reminder that we will make mistakes and that there are ways of working to put us back on the right track.”

Keith Place – Director – UK

Hugely Beneficial To Our Business

“We met Jez at a local networking meeting and found him to be insightful, showed a genuine interest in our new business venture and really approachable.

He initially offered us some free advice which we took up instantly and having had that initial time with him, we both agreed an official business consultation was going to be hugely beneficial to our business.

We felt he had really taken his time to look into our business and understand what we were about and trying to achieve. He talked to us in an open manner that allowed us to ask questions without feeling stupid. He saw things for our business that we were too ‘involved’ to see ourselves and provided lots of practical advice on how to take our business forward without costing us lots of money!

We are so pleased we met Jez, his passion for working with businesses he believes in really comes across in the detail of his work, we are so grateful for the help he has provided and look forward to working with him again in future.”

Jemma & Gill – Little Active People

Helped Me Clarify What I Wanted

“Jeremy has been really helpful in helping me to get my business set up.

Designing my logo and getting business cards printed couldn’t have been easier and he has been the most patient person in the world, whilst setting up my web site.

As a healer himself he understands what it is that I am trying to create and he has been able to answer all my questions and talk through options when I wasn’t sure what it was that I wanted for myself!”

Carole E, Bedfordshire – UK


Practical And Down-To-Earth Advice

“If you’re looking for practical and down-to-earth advice about protecting and growing your business in these tough times, Jez Hunt’s book: ‘Surviving a Rough Economy’, is a must have. Covering finance, marketing and sales, the book is informative and easy to read.

‘Surviving a Rough Economy’ is a working book. With space to make notes, this book was written to be used, not to gather dust on a bookshelf. My advice is buy it, read it, then act on it!”

Joy McCarthy – WORD-right – UK

Motivated To Do Something

On a Business Health Check

“In just two hours, Jez gave me a huge number of ideas to follow up on, and was incredibly generous with his time and focus. Not only that, but he’s motivated me to do something I know I should have done a long time ago, but haven’t known where to start. After my session with Jez, I’m suddenly unblocked and can’t wait to get started!”

Kate Mercer – UK

Lead Generation Campaign

“We were looking at running a specific campaign at bringing in new business from a list of potential customers.

After talking things through with Jeremy and considering a number of different options, we decided on running a highly targeted 3 stage postcard campaign…

The cost of the whole campaign (including printing and postage) was well under £2K and we made a very real £20K* in new business!”

Marcus Idle, Oxford Webware – UK

*Specific results not guaranteed.

Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business

“We were looking for a way to bring in new business. After an exploratory meeting with Jez we decided to look at creating a voucher campaign to send out to potential clients.

To date we have only given out 20% of the vouchers we had, but we’ve already got £9,600 worth of business back. We know the lifetime value of a typical client, so this actually equates to nearly £20,000* of new business.

The whole campaign so far has cost us just over £800 so that’s an actual return of 25 times. And we still have 80% of the vouchers to go with a potential of £80,000!!

If you are looking for marketing tools to grow your business, and get a real return on your original investment, then you need to speak to Jez.”

Henry Maitland, Core Evolution – UK

*Specific results not guaranteed.


Helped Me Get My Business 'On Purpose'

“Having had my business running for a few years I decided that it was time to update my website and change the look of my business materials. Having moved fully ‘on purpose’ my business materials needed to reflect where I am now. Jeremy redesigned my website completely, using a different platform and consulting with me frequently to ensure that its design met my current and future needs. He guided me with how to update the site myself and helped me to understand the importance of updating it regularly to keep the rankings high. He also showed me how I could monitor which pages people visited using google analytics.

Jeremy then worked with me and a friend to help design a new logo for the business incorporating my new strap line. From this he designed business cards for me which I was then able to go to Vistaprint and put into one of their blank templates without having to mess around trying to ensure everything was in the right place for printing.

He is in the process of helping me to launch the ‘member‘ pages on my site so that I can keep my students up to date with information. He has also redesigned the spreadsheet I was using to keep my accounts. This new spreadsheet is brilliant as it shows me exactly how much money I need to put away each month to be sure that I have what I need to pay my tax and national insurance each year.

Jeremy uses his intuition when working on projects which I like as he then knows when something is right. As I have shifted ‘on purpose’ he has helped me to get my business ‘on purpose’ which is key to me moving forward in the flow of life.

Jeremy has lots of design, marketing and business skills which will really help anyone wanting to move their business ‘on purpose’. He also takes away the stress of creating essential business tools that will help to give you a presence within a cost effective framework.

If you are a healer looking for business support I would highly recommend that you contact Jeremy and discuss your needs. I am sure that he will be able to come up with cost effective solutions to meet your needs.

Thank you for everything you have done to help me.”

Sarah Hunt, Peaceful Living – UK

A Fresh Vision Of Where I Want To Go

“The recent Health Check that Jez did for my business was absolutely superb. Jez and I spent 2 hours analysing the marketing aspects of Dazbus, my minibus company. Jez’s enthusiasm for marketing and his deep knowledge of the subject were truly fantastic to see and experience.

Jez had definitely done his homework, and had quite obviously taken a great deal of time and effort to research my company before our meeting. This was definitely a great start to the session, and made me feel very comfortable and confident about the person that I was dealing with.

Throughout the audit, Jez was keen to find out where Dazbus was at in terms of its marketing, and also to impart information and advice on how to improve things in both the short-term and the long-term. I have to say that, until quite recently, I believed that marketing was something which only larger companies did, but Jez has helped to quash that mistaken belief, by showing me that if ANY company wishes to grow and improve itself, then marketing is not just a useful addition, but an ESSENTIAL tool.

I was extremely impressed with Jez’s honesty and integrity in the 2 hours of his time, and came away from our meeting with a fresh vision of exactly where my company is currently at, and exactly where I want it to go.

Had I known at the beginning exactly how much information Jez would be giving me, how many useful hints and tips I would be able to take away with me, and how much I was going to learn from the audit, then I would have been more than happy to have parted with double the money for the service.

On the back of the Health Check, I immediately signed up to one of Jez’s brand new marketing courses, and I honestly can’t wait for the course to begin, as I know that I am going to learn a whole load more. I also have no doubt in my mind that my company will very soon be going from strength to strength, something which I am greatly looking forward to.

Thank you so much for the Health Check, Jez – I really appreciated all the hard work that went into it, and I’m really looking forward to you helping me to really sink my teeth into Dazbus over the coming months!”

Darren Joiner – Dazbus – UK


Turned The Marketing Of My Business Around

“Jez worked with me for a period of 5 months during which time he really helped me turn the marketing of my business around. He came up with some fantastic ideas, helped implement them, and was always there to offer advice, support, common sense and motivation. We also had a lot of fun in the process.

But of course the real test is always how it affects the bottom line.  A direct mail campaign he orchestrated resulted in a new long term customer within 2 days, swiftly followed by several more in the weeks that followed. I can honestly say that we wouldn’t have won these customers without his help. In total over the 5 month period, our customer base more than doubled and our turnover more than trebled*. This was way beyond my expectations – he is an absolute superstar and has made a massive difference.”

Julie Stevens, Wiltshire – UK

*Specific results not guaranteed.