Snow Cat

Snow Cat - SOLD

Written by Jez Hunt

The Accidental Artist | Painting | SOLD

17th June 2021

If you’ve been following my painting journey, here is another one for you…

What struck me with this one is the resistance I had to paint something I perceived as difficult… and what I let go of to give it a go anyway!

We are often all too quick to dismiss something rather than seeing the opportunity it offers and giving it a go.

I’m so glad I did, and I am pleased with the result.

What are you resisting that you could at least have a go at?

Painting Details:

The reference image for this caught my eye. I love the way the fur interacts with the snow – 50 Shades Of Cat Grey!

Medium: Acrylic on 300gsm Aquafine Smooth Watercolour board
Width: 29.7 cm
Height: 29.7 cm

This item is:


IMPORTANT: All paintings are one-off, signed originals, by me, Jez Hunt. They are sold ‘as is’, unframed on the full-sized original stock and are non-refundable (please see our Terms of service). Art is subjective. Please make sure you are drawn to any painting before you buy.

Copyright of any reference materials used to create the paintings remains with the original author(s). All Rights Reserved.

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