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Up-selling, Cross-selling and Down-selling

If you missed my talk at the St Albans meeting on 9th January 2019, here is a copy of the handout I used.

Along with some examples, there is a section for you to think about examples specific to your business.

I highly recommend spending 5 to 10 minutes thinking about the sort of offers you are using now, ones you could use in the future and how you can implement these within your business.

Give it a go and have fun with it!

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Business Health Check

As I have mentioned at recent meetings, I currently have an offer for Mums UnLtd members with my business Health Check.

You can find full details of my Business Health Check here.

With the link below, your investment is only  £245  £99 to Mums UnLtd members and the people you refer.

Here is what one Mums UnLtd member had to say after a Health Check:

Hugely Beneficial To Our Business

“We met Jez at a local networking meeting and found him to be insightful, showed a genuine interest in our new business venture and really approachable.

He initially offered us some free advice which we took up instantly and having had that initial time with him, we both agreed an official business consultation was going to be hugely beneficial to our business.

We felt he had really taken his time to look into our business and understand what we were about and trying to achieve. He talked to us in an open manner that allowed us to ask questions without feeling stupid. He saw things for our business that we were too ‘involved’ to see ourselves and provided lots of practical advice on how to take our business forward without costing us lots of money!

We are so pleased we met Jez, his passion for working with businesses he believes in really comes across in the detail of his work, we are so grateful for the help he has provided and look forward to working with him again in future.”

Jemma & Gill – Little Active People

You can book using the link below, or contacting me directly here.

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