Do You Know What Your Customers Want?

Do You Know What Your Customers Want

Written by Jez Hunt

Clients for Life

16th July 2018

Do you know what your customers want?

When was the last time you ASKED a customer what you could do for them? When was the last time you actually found out what the WANTED, rather than guess, like so many other businesses do?

You only have to look around you to see what I mean.

Self-serving marketing…

… adverts and promotions with no benefits…

… no compelling reason-to-buy…

… and ultimately – no soul.

But you know all that, right?

Well whether you do or you don’t, when was the last time you honestly created an advert or other marketing piece which focused on your clients’ perspective?

Almost on a weekly basis now, I meet people who tell me they “… know direct marketing…” and they “… know about WIIFM (What’s in It For Me)…” – yet they DON’T practice it!

Their directory ad looks like everyone else’s – this is us, buy from us.

Their brochures start with their company name in big bold letters on the front with a well presented logo, and start with “Over the past 30 years…”

Back at their office,the moment the phone rings or the email bleeps at them, they fall back into safe old fire-fighting mode – doing the same as they have always done, which is exactly what everyone else is doing!

Is it any wonder that the general perception is that people buy on price? They have NOTHING ELSE to compare against.

A short while ago, I was talking to a business owner after a meeting I’d been speaking at, and he was saying about how he’d like to make a difference for his clients – he really wanted to go that extra mile and be SEEN as different in the marketplace.

He wanted my advice on what he should do to get started on this path – he wanted to know the ‘secret’ to building more profitable relationships with his existing customers.

I’ll tell you the same ‘secret’ I told him:

“Know what your customers want!”

It’s a simple 3 step process…

  1. Speak to your customer and find out what he or she wants, needs, or desires.
  2. Find a solution that provides them with what they want, need or desire – ones that make life easier or better for the customer.
  3. Deliver it to them.

It doesn’t really get any more complicated than that.

Now – there are many different ways to skin a cat, as the saying goes – and we can’t do everything – but a lot of the time it’s about looking around you – maybe even OUTSIDE of your business to find the complete solution. You may even need to look for other people to help you.

You see, the reality is – as harsh as it might sound – that your customers don’t really CARE about you, they don’t care what the name of your business is, they don’t care that you’ve been in business since 1928, ALL they care about is what you can do to solve their problem. If you can’t, then they will go and find someone who can.

What they want is for someone to give them what they want and what they need.

So if you want to be ahead of the game – ASK THEM.

Get talking to your clients.

Start building rapport with your customers.

Think of it in the same way you would if they were a new potential partner – it’s not really any different from a personal relationship. You need to take time to let them get to know you, so they can get to like you, and in time, trust you.

Moving ahead in the game is all about being customer-focused, and he-who-builds-the-better-relationships gets the prize.

So do you want that to be YOU – or one of your competitors?

“If you want to sell as much as you possibly can and as often as you possibly can, the formula is simple. Find out what your customers really want and sell it to them. Make their lives easier. Make their lives better. Solve their problems. Deliver their dreams to their doorsteps. And watch your company grow beyond belief.”
Bob Serling

Don’t just THINK about talking to your customers – actually go and talk to them.

It doesn’t take that much (after all, you’ve already done the hard work and got them to buy something from you) and you already have a relationship with them.

(You can also pick up some tips in my post 7 Key Tips For Creating Clients For Life)

If you do nothing else, ask them this one simple question…

“What one thing, if I could provide it for you, would make our service to you better?”

… and 99 times out of 100… they will tell you.

Now you just need to source it and provide it.

If you would like to share any of your personal experiences, observations or the results you’ve achieved using these or similar tips, please leave your comments and/or thoughts below. I always love to hear from you:

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