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Q. How do I know if I need business coaching, consulting or both?

Coaching can help you:

  • create a practical and effective plan;
  • prioritise goals and tasks;
  • be more accountable for following through on tasks;
  • organise your thoughts;
  • understand how you sabotage your own progress (and work out what you can do about it);
  • maintain your motivation, even when you are finding things difficult.

Consulting can help you:

  • to understand the strategies of effective business planning and marketing;
  • shortcut your learning curve with business and marketing skills;
  • learn from the advice and experience of someone with a proven track record;
  • implement effective tactics in your business.

I tend to work with people who want help in both areas, so I work in either capacity as required by the individual.

I will always:

  • really listen to what you say – not just to the surface content of what you say, but also listening to the patterns, feelings and beliefs behind the content;
  • stimulate you to look at things in new ways by asking you thought-provoking questions;
  • give honest feedback on what I observe;
  • assign you homework to do between each session!
Q. What is the difference between business coaching and consulting?
Coaching is about growing the person (the business owner) from the inside out. Coaching helps you reach your highest potential by:

  • defining goals;
  • creating an achievable plan to reach those goals;
  • discovering how you self-sabotage your business;
  • holding you accountable for achieving set goals within a planned timeframe.

While your coach might offer you advice and insight, the main purpose of coaching is to empower you to learn how to create the business you desire.

Consulting, on the other hand, brings the experience and expertise of the consultant into the mix. A consultant offers information, advice, brainstorming and training and is willing to share their knowledge, wizdom and practical tips with you.

The combination of both approaches (as required) can significantly accelerated business growth.