Jez Hunt

Belief and Business Coach

Get Unstuck. Get On-Purpose. Get Results.™

How I went from a stressed out Customer Quality Manager to helping business owners build a business and life they love.

Hello, my name is Jez Hunt… I’m a Belief and Business Coach, Certified Master Practitioner NLP, Time Line Therapy™️ and Hypnosis, Author, father and passionate outdoor fan!

Up until 8 years ago, like so many people, I ‘muddled my way’ through life.

No one gives us a manual of how life should be and what we should do as we move into and through adulthood, other than the moral guidance given to us by our parents and the hope we will ‘get it right’.

I always had a deep-seated feeling that I was searching for something, although I didn’t know what it was at the time… but I now know I was searching to find my place in the world. My “purpose”.

It was only when I got the chance to reflect on my life while caring for my terminally ill parents, that I realised that a number of seemingly ‘random events’ led me on a journey to where I am now, and I couldn’t be happier.

There are a number of things which I learnt that have stuck with me and form the core beliefs I hold today – the most important one of all I only learnt while I was full-time caring, but more on that in a moment.

My Values & Beliefs

To always do my best...

I know my best may change from moment to moment; it will be different when I am healthy compared to when I am unwell.

I will simply do the best I can on any given day, without regret, judgement or self-criticism.

To be flexible with my approach to life...

In all aspects and activities I do, I will take the time to look at my life from other perspectives, to see if there are other ways of thinking, being or doing which will enhance the quality of my life.

Personal and spiritual growth are important to me, so I will continue to read, learn and try new things.

To not take things personally...

Nothing others do is because of me; what they say and do is a projection of their reality, dreams, issues, needs and insecurities.

I accept and respect we are all different, and that people are perfect as they are, without taking on their issues.

We can choose to control our own destiny...

We always have a choice. Sometimes ‘life happens’ and things don’t go as we planned. We always have a choice in how we respond (or react) to any given situation.

I will look at every situation as an opportunity to respond in a way that will respect others, while staying within my boundaries, moral values and beliefs, and produces an outcome which best serves me.

‘Kaizen’ and the world of Continuous Improvement.

My career didn’t start in business growth, marketing or even client relationships.

I actually started in engineering, first as a mechanical engineer and then a few years later moved into the electronics industry, where I stayed until 1999.

During that time I changed jobs, progressing up through various technical roles to managing a team of people as Customer Quality Manager – travelling the world as the face of the manufacturer I worked for, sorting out customer problems.

As part of my Customer Quality Manager role, I was introduced to the philosophies of W. Edwards Demming and his belief that you should always be improving the quality of the products (and services) you offer, through systemisation and continuous improvement. His philosophy helped rebuild the Japanese manufacturing industry after the Second World War to be the efficient manufacturing world leaders they still are today!

This simple idea of continuously looking at ways to improve how you do things can be just as easily applied to any business, regardless of size: from creating templates of documents you use regularly; structuring the folders on your computer so you can quickly find things when you need them; creating processes of how you interact with your customers and clients; all these things can end up saving you loads of time and effort in the long term. And that’s only really scratching the surface.

Demming’s ideas resonated with me so much that I took it personally to mean all aspects of my life.

I discovered “Unleash The Power Within” by Tony Robbins and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)… and tumbled down the proverbial Rabbit Hole into a complete Wonderland of self-improvement – including the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Dale Carnegie and Wayne Dyer which was the catalyst that changed my focus, and the direction my life was to take.

The importance of being ‘people-focused’ (NOT ‘company-focused’)

While I was jetting about the world resolving customers’ issues relating to the company’s products, I learnt about people.

People matter.

The relationship you build with each and every person you interact with in your life is important, even if you don’t realise it at the time. Every contact you have has an impact, at some level, on that person. Every time you take your frustration out on a waitress serving food you weren’t happy with has an effect on that waitress. She’s a person, just the same as you. With issues and frustrations just like you. She has feelings, just like you.

And we humans can be so cruel…

The tendency of most business owners is to focus on the transactions of the business… each sale… rather than developing a relationship with customers and them progressing with you for the longer term rewards.

Dealing with all kinds of people with frustrations and customer related issues, I realised that building relationships (friendships even) with your customers actually helped the business as well as helping the customers and created a win-win situation.

And that’s exactly what every business should be trying to achieve: a win-win outcome.

Being “heart-centred”

Despite having a successful business helping other businesses to improve, I found myself in a bit of a dilemma in 2012.

Neither of my parents had been well for a number of years. Dad had retired due to ill health after suffering a major heart attack and mum had had chronic illness for years, and she had been diagnosed with kidney cancer.

Since his retirement, dad had taken on the role of caring for mum, but after suffering another major heart episode in 2012 things had to change. He had collapsed in hospital and was ‘shocked’ a total of 8 times in 24 hours to revive him by hospital staff. We were all amazed that he actually walked out of the hospital a week or so later, having also been given the news he had cancer too! It was at this point we realised that he was no longer able to care for mum.

My two brothers both live in the USA and, at the time, my sister wasn’t in a position to be able to help them with the care they needed, so I made the decision to take on that responsibility… it just felt the right thing to do, deep down, in the very core of my being.

So, after 13 years, I closed my business and became a full time carer.

To me, being “heart-centred” is about taking responsibility for yourself, for your emotions, for the way you interact with and treat others. It’s when the choices we make align with our values and desires and brings about a sense of peace to our lives. It’s when those choices we make recognise our needs, our values, our beliefs. Being heart-centred brings about transformational change.

It doesn’t stop the struggles which happen in life: relationship troubles; the pain caused by the death of a loved one; financial worries; but it does change the way you approach your life.

When you choose to live your life being heart-centred, it doesn’t matter if you have a bad day, or you are going through a ‘tough period’. You can feel a sense of peace in being you, in your integrity, knowing you have the power to choose the life you live.

The more connected you are with your heart, the more this sense of peace will be reflected in your day-to-day life.

Why being ‘On Purpose’ is essential

The final part of my story was also the start of my Spiritual Journey.

During the time I was caring for my parents, I took up meditation again. I don’t know if you’ve ever had to care for anyone, but it has its challenges!

My sister started her own Spiritual Journey 14 years ago and has her own business, both as a practitioner of, and teaching energy healing. She also taught meditation, so I started to see her for some energy healing, which helped in a lot of ways I hadn’t expected.

One of the things she teaches is about being ‘On Purpose’… doing what you are supposed to be doing. About going within and finding out what truly makes your heart and soul sing!

It set me thinking about what my purpose actually was…

Why was I here on this planet? What contribution was I supposed to make? What was my true Purpose?

You can be good at something – REALLY good at something – but if you’re ‘Off Purpose’, you find that you only seem to get so far, never realising your full potential, never actually being the limitless, creative being that you really are. Never being truly happy.

I was good at business growth, at marketing, at systemising a business, and I enjoyed it… but there was always something missing. I couldn’t put my finger on it at the time, I just seemed to know deep down that there was more to my life.

But then I found what I believe is my purpose, and everything just fell into place and, deep down, it just feels so RIGHT!

I believe that by being true to ourselves, by being authentic and helping others to be the best they can be through what we do, we all play our part in making the world a better place.

Have you ever noticed how some things you try and do go smoothly, with great results, where everything just seems to fall into place, but then how other things you try and do just seem to go wrong every-which-way you try?

This is to do with being ‘On Purpose’.

When you are OFF purpose, you struggle. When you are ON purpose, everything flows, comes together easily and you can truly start to manifest the life you want for yourself. And if you are running (or want to run) your own business, it applies here too!

Creating a successful business starts with YOU being ‘On Purpose’… discovering and doing what it is you are supposed to be doing… and then building your business around that. Getting your business ‘On Purpose’ too, frees up your time so you can focus on the core of what you do, rather than getting distracted by other aspects of your business (or life for that matter) which takes you away from what it is you should be doing… your purpose.

My Purpose...

“Coaching, Mentoring and supporting coaches, consultants, complimentary therapists and business owners to achieve your own version of freedom through personal and business development:

  • by showing you how to get unstuck from the things holding you back;
  • by guiding you to get on-purpose and align your business around your life, so everything flows with ease;
  • by enabling you to get consistent and predictable results!”

My happy place! Connecting with nature whenever I can.

Life is an adventure

When I’m not helping clients, I love connecting with nature as much as I can, and have done since childhood. Most days I spend a little time sitting amongst the trees in the local park just ‘being in the now’, but I also enjoy walking/hiking holidays as well as a bit of Wild Camping.

My son is at the age where these things are an adventure, so it’s great we get to do these things together as much as we can.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering… unlike traditional camping, wild camping is pretty much ‘back to basics’ camping without a tent. It’s not for everyone, though I have to say, lying in your sleeping bag looking up at the stars before you go to sleep, is about as close to nature as you can get!

And the career aspect of my life is an adventure too…

While I’ve worked with hundreds of small businesses across all kinds of industries, they all had one thing in common…

They were ALL different!

“When you have a relationship with your client – the cool thing about the relationship is that they know a ton of stuff that you don’t know. And also, you know tons of stuff that they’ve never heard of. When you put those two things together, that’s where the value is. That’s what is so exciting. When you combine your expertise with your client’s skillset, you have something bigger than just the sum of the parts. That’s the essence of high-value relationships.”
Lee Blue, Cart66

A new chapter…

I struggled with finding my ‘Purpose’ for many years and felt trapped in an unrewarding life, and I’m super-passionate about helping other people break free.

In the last few years Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has created an incredible foundation for me in my pursuit of mastering my life, so much so that in April 2020 I qualified as an NLP Practitioner, and now apply the techniques I’ve learned when I help people find their ‘Purpose’ and get their business on track to support the meaningful life they deserve.

So, here I am, offering business growth and marketing mentoring to business owners just like you – combining my knowledge and expertise in systemising, marketing and growing small businesses, together with the knowledge and experience of my clients in what they do, to get their business moving forwards and be the best it can be.

Over the years I’ve taken the core aspects of business growth and marketing and broken them down into small, bite-sized chunks to simplify and systemise everything as much as I can for you, so you can get your business ‘On Purpose’ and spend more of your time on the things YOU do to help others and add value to the lives of your customers and clients.

Whether you are experienced and currently running your own business or you are just starting out, if you are looking for a way to move forward and get your business ‘On Purpose’, then the information on this website is for you.

If you would like to learn more about how I can help you, get in touch and let’s start a conversation… I’d love to work with you on your journey, so you can start to manifest the kind of business and life you want!

To your success,